The Easiest Way To Build Chicken Coops

Plan, Plan, Plan! Take a little time to choose the right plan that fits your needs .

Look around. Check your home, backyard or shed for materials like old wood, that will come in handy while building chicken coops. If you don’t find much at home, ask your neighbors if they have any spare wood lying around from their last construction. See if your plan has info on used materials. This step itself can save you loads of bucks, especially if you plan to build medium or big sizes!

Secondhand Stores. You can find a lot of material from secondhand stores, such as hinges, roofing materials, handles, plywood, etc . But confirm they’re in good condition. Detailed blueprint. Only use plans that give you a particular plan with good cross-section photographs for guidance. Never begin to build chicken coops without a plan or you’re sure to end up in a mess.

Size it Right. Keep around four square feet for each chicken you plan to keep. 10 chickens wants an enormous coop for housing them and providing enough room to move about. You may like to split some of your yard where your chickens can wander around freely. They will like it and you can end up with some great fertilizer!

Window Positioning. Daylight filtering in from the windows of the chicken coops is important, so place the windows towards the sun. Natural sunlight will keep your chickens healthy and you will not need to speculate in electrical lighting. Though chickens need sunlight, make sure that it doesn’t shine at once on them. Windows play a massive role in keeping your chickens healthy and guaranteeing that they lay a number of eggs continually, so give it enough thought before you begin to build chicken coops.

Light wise. When you build chicken coops, make sure that they face the sun. You see, when it’s damp outside, the sun facing coops will stop the ground from getting over-saturated. A damp ground isn’t a good environment for chickens, since it can make them get sick, not to mention the possibility of bacterial growth! You might like to supplement natural light with synthetic lighting to keep the chickens warm in the winter. These tips will help you to build chicken coops, but don’t attempt to go it alone since some sort of steering is needed.

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