How To Wire Light To A Two- Way Switch ?

Places like hallways and the long corridors are often provided with a system that is basically operated from two sides. This involves a switch that is installed at one end and the other at the far end. As you enter the corridor, you switch on the light and can turn it off via a second switch that is located at the other end. The same functioning is applicable in staircase and the garage lighting as well.

In such a situation you can make use of a two- way switch. With this, you can turn on the light from one location and can turn it off from other. These are very helpful in day to day life. And so are a preferred choice among homeowners. Here are certain steps to wire a two way switch.

Necessary requirements for arranging a two way system are, wiring cables, wire cutter, two way switches and a plastic box so as to place the switches and the wires in the arranged circuitry.

Make sure that the standard cables which are generally used for home wiring is not compromised and a 14 gauge cable is used. Power is to be made available at the switch board. Of the three wires coming out of the casing, the two are covered with black and white insulation and the third one is uncovered.

A two way switch has to work in pairs. Based on this fact, you would require two switches places at two different places. Connect the two switches using a three wire cable and a ground wire. Then, using a two wire cable make connections between the light lamp and the second switch.

Since, home wiring is a bit complicated task, do it cautiously. Firstly, connect the black wire that is coming from the power supply to the live wire of the first switch. The same way, connect the white wire of the power supply to same color wire of the cable you ran to connect the second switch.

Next step is to fix the second switch black wire to the gold terminal just below the first black wire. Also, connect the red wire in the same manner. Make connections between the lighting fixture live wire and the hot wire of the two wire cable. Also, make the connections between the white and the neutral wires and the green and the bare wire.

Lastly, the left out white wires at the second switch are to be twisted together. Secure all the switches and other accessories in the box and apply the power.

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