Natural Vs Artificial Grass

When choosing between natural and artificial grass it is very important to take into consideration the costs of benefits of each.

Grass- artificial vs. natural

When it comes to artificial grass, don’t just think of the astro turf you are used to seeing at a mini-golf course. Technology has come a long ways in the last few years and artificial grass companies have heard your complaints and have designed artificial grass so real that even you will have a hard time telling the difference when on your hands and knees. Unfortunately this technology comes at a cost which you will see when go to purchase the artificial turf.

There are many things to consider when choosing between artificial and natural. For instance, the cost savings of not having to cut and maintain real grass as well as the savings on your water bill. All of these things may swing your vote.

One important piece of advice that Andres gives to all homeowners when choosing to have artificial grass installed is to make sure to disinfect the grass every so often. Artificial grass can last between eight and ten years and will collect germs just like regular grass only you’re not consistently cutting off the top layer like on natural grass so the germs and bacteria will stay in the turf. But don’t be scared, Andres advises that you install a small sprinkler system that you program to go off periodically to wash off the turf in combination with a disinfectant.

With the natural option you will save on the upfront costs but be prepared for the weekly maintenance of mowing and trimming. The advantage of a natural lawn is the feel of having natural grass and the memories it may bring.

When it comes down to it, it really is just a personal preference. Which will you prefer?

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