Nature’s Regulator 10 Degree Temperature Drop

Hyacinths, Paper Whites, and the prepared narcissus such as the reds can be started any time now. The first two do well in plain water but I think the easier method is to plant them in bowls filled with fine gravel. The bowls should be kept filled with water almost up to the bulbs and should be kept in the dark for several weeks – or until there are two inches of growth. After that place them in full sunlight until they bloom. The regular narcissus do best in soil.

Greenhouse Temperatures must be kept steady. Fluctuating temperatures make weak plants and encourage disease. Carnations and most annuals do best with a 50-degree night temperature. Poinsettias, some orchids and plants from tropical climates prefer a 60-degree night temperature.

Day temperatures should be 10 degrees higher than night ones as a rule. In cool weather use only the top ventilators and on very cold or windy days ventilate from the sheltered side only. Cross drafts cause trouble.

Bench Crops – Stocks, Snapdragons, leptosyne and winter flowering pansies or your favorite annuals can follow benched chrysanthemums right in the same soil. However, if the bench space is to be used for pot plants remove the soil and put in 1-1/2″ of gravel or cinders. It helps prevent plugging of the drainage holes in the pots. Or if you have a coldframe which you are using as a feeder for the greenhouse, it is time now to get the plants out of it and indoors to the empty benches. It is a best way in caring for a croton plant.

A supply of soil indoors for winter use in the greenhouse is a must. You’d find it no easy task to break off a chunk of soil that is frozen solid about next February when you need it for repotting or starting seeds. Also, bring in sand, leaves, humus and manure to be ready for use when they are needed.

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