Should You Use A Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler?

Are you using a regular compost bin? If so, you may want to consider using a tumbleweed compost tumbler. A compost tumbler is a solution that makes it easier to make compost for your gardening needs. The great thing about a Tumbleweed composter is the fact that you just need to turn the bin a few times a day and it will be taken care of.

So what are the main pros of using a Tumbleweed compost tumbler? First, the tumbler uses rotation so all the material goes through the center. That means that the outside will not dry out which is fairly common when you are using a bin. All you have to do is simply turn the compost and you’ll have done the work. Compare that to using a bin and moving the compost back and forth to make sure the material get mixed in.

Second, a Tumbleweed composter can help you maintain the moisture so that it’s perfect. A compost bin can have problems maintaining moisture on the outer areas of the compost. It can also bring in too much moisture which can mess up your compost. The great thing about the compost tumbler is that you won’t have to worry about either problem. It is fully enclosed to retain moisture and keep excess amounts of it out to maintain the perfect balance.

Third, a compost tumbler can keep out pests and rodents that can compromise your compost. The last thing you want is pests getting into your compost and ruining your whole garden. A compost pile can really attract rodents and pests. To handle rodents, you will have to probably use traps or other solutions to keep them away. As far as pests go, you will have to maintain a balanced compost to keep them away.

Using the Tumbleweed Compost tumbler is a much easier way to maintain the quality of your compost. It takes far less effort and is a big time saver. Trying to deal with rodents and pests can be a real hassle and may turn you away from working on your own compost.

There is a con to using a Tumbleweed compost tumbler. Because of the fact that it is enclosed in a circular design, it can be harder to unload the compost. You will also get excess compost stuck in the corners and it may take extra effort to clean it out. The whole process of cleaning the tumbler is more labor intensive as well. A bin is very easy to use and easier to clean out.

In conclusion, there are many advantages of using a compost tumbler. It is easier to use, maintains moisture, can keep pests/rodents away, and is a real time saver. Look at the different kinds of compost tumblers that are offered and see what fits your needs before going ahead and buying the first one you see.

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Whether you have a small garden, a patio with potted plants or a driveway lined with flora you can compost with our tumbleweed compost tumbler and have organic compost for your vegetable and plant gardens in a very short time.

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