Garden Compost Bins

Many people are now choosing to grow their own fruits and vegetables at home as it is the healthier option. You do not need to use chemicals to help you grow them and you can make your own organic fertilizer very easily. Garden compost bins are easy to set up and once established will ensure that you have fantastic fertilizer all year round. Composting in your garden has some great benefits to the environment and enables you to use up any spare waste you have in your home.

Compost tumblers are easy to build and take very little gardening knowledge they are a great way to ensure that all of your compost is kept in one place. Although the thought of building your garden compost bins may seem daunting once it is built it is very easy to maintain. In the beginning it can take a little work but once built the benefits are amazing and you will use your garden compost bins every day. By using your own compost you will not only be saving money but also producing amazing crops which are far healthier than shop bought ones.

You will need to place some form of compost bin in your garden as this will enable you to collect the kitchen waste easily. You can put the scraps into the bin and then take it out to your compost tumbler when you go to the garden. You can put any fruits, vegetables, coffee filters, peels and shells into the bin all of these items are fantastic for your compost. You should however try and avoid meats, bones and salty foods as these take longer to break down. If you don’t like the idea of a bin being in your home for the waste you can simply walk your scraps out to your garden compost bins every time you eat.

You can buy your compost tumbler from many different garden centers and stores you will simply need to decide how big you want it to be. Although they are a great idea for your garden you do not want I to take over the space you have. You will have to consider where you are aiming to have your garden compost bins as they need to be near your crops. You will need to also add moisture to your compost tumbler to add the process. Dry materials are also essential to produce nitrogen which will help with the composting. Grass cuttings are ideal to add to your garden compost bins and you can even use small amounts of paper.

Another factor that you will need to consider is that your compost tumbler will need direct sunlight. The heat helps to speed up the composting process and helps you to achieve results quicker, you want the compost to be moist so don’t allow it to dry out. Every week you need to turn the compost tumbler allowing for it all to be stirred up and for air to penetrate the waste. If you place the garden compost bins in the right position and maintain them well then there is no smell from them at all. They are easy to have and will help you to grow the best vegetables in your area.

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