Chicken House Plans

There’s a lot of plans out there for chicken plans, but how do you know which one is correct for you?

Before you dive in and start going thru all of the chicken house plans you come across, it’s important to comprehend the main components of any good chicken house plan to make sure the one you select has these covered.

Well built chicken houses may be employed for some number of years and will permit the chickens to supply far more eggs than poorly made coops, so finding chicken house plans that incorporate all the following is significant. Here is your prerequisite checklist.

Bird Count?

Most important things first, figure out how many birds you intend to keep in your chicken house. If you overcrowd your birds, they’re going to feel cramped in and won’t lay eggs correctly. If there’s one thing you must get right, this would be it. Always make allowance for a little more space than you suspect you need, as this way if you decide to grow your chicken family, you have got room.

Remember That Chickens Are Morning Birds

Chickens are animals who actually enjoy the morning sunlight so you wish to find chicken house plans that help you to capture as much morning sunlight as possible. This is done by positioning the chicken house in your yard correctly, as well as having built in windows that allow the light to filter in.

These birds tend to be very sensitive to even tiny adjustments in the quantity of light in the coop, so not listening to your windows will cause the chickens to feel uncomfortable.

Consider your Predators

Depending on the area in which you are located, you are going to have a different range of predators in your area. If you are in an area where all you actually have to fret about is one or two dogs, this isn’t going to be the same as if you typically have coyotes, foxes, or even wolves wandering around. These kinds of animals are more viscous and you may really need to take safety protective measures to prevent them from digging beneath the gating to get in.

Think about the Winter Climate

Ultimately, you’ll also wish to consider the typical winter climate you experience while going through chicken house plans. If the climate does get quite cold, you’ll need to make sure you have good insulation throughout the chicken house as well as an electric source of light, that may provide some heat as well as mimic the sun when it stays dark for a much longer portion of the 24 day period.

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