Why Sealcoating Is Important

We may not see it at first, but our asphalt-paved driveway can experience corrosion over time. What seems like a couple of minor cracks that are barely noticeable can turn into large cracks if left in disrepair.

Leaving the asphalt paving in driveways or walkways unprotected with some form of sealant could result to this kind of damage which will prove to be more costly to replace in the future.

This is the time when sealcoating comes into the picture.


Asphalt is the kind of paving material whose composition changes in different weather changes. When exposed to extreme heat as in the summers; it can make the asphalt tender which could change its form; while in cold temperatures as in winters; it can be brittle, which may result in the developing of cracks.

With this data, there is one thing that needs to be done and that is to sealcoat the asphalt. Sealcoating is a preventive measure to protect the properties of the asphalt over a longer period of time.

It could be a tiresome task but the advantages far overshadow any work that we need to do to preserve the excellence of the asphalt.

Sealcoating can bring back the patina of the asphalt; enhance its resistance against toxic chemicals and weather changes; giving it an extended lifespan which means savings in the future.

With this kind of protective measure, we can be sure that our asphalt will be kept in excellent shape for a couple of years; after which, we can simply apply the sealcoating substance again to restore it.


The best thing about sealcoat is that we don’t have to hire an expert to do this for us. We can readily manage this which could again save us money.

Generally, we have to keep the asphalt from dirt and other debris; if there are gaps we also have to mend the gaps with the proper asphalt filler; and then we’re ready to begin with the sealcoating.

There are sealcoat mixes available in the market which come with directions so it will be easy for us to come up with the right mix. After we have applied an initial coat; a second one is needed as well.

We should let the sealcoat dry for about 24 hours.

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