Chicken Coop Building Plans – Easy To Follow Instructions For Yard Chicken Coops

What is the basic function of a chicken coop? Any chicken coop built has a main goal to be a home for your beloved new pets, so it is of some significance on the design and layout of your yard chicken coop.

It’s really simple to construct a chicken coop with the right DIY building plans. Chicken coop materials can be bought from your local hardware store, and you may find that you have most of the bits lying around your yard scrap heap.

While many folk opt to purchase an all prepared built coop, there is an alternative that gives you the power of choice. Choice as in size, location, design, color, choice of just about everything, and who doesn’t like choices! My advice would be to build one suited for your requirements, you’re interested, and your convenience.

Many factors play a part in the construction, and one of them is size. Now when it comes to sizes you need to take into consider the amount of chickens you hope to house and plan at least 3-4 square feet for each one. Bear in mind that chickens need about 3 square feet of grazing space each in order to provide solid, consistent egg yields. Chickens don’t mind being together, and they certainly do not require a ton of space, but in order to avoid any conflicts and / or pecking each other, sufficient space is needed.

Another factor that will play a vital role in your chicken coop building plans is ventilation and insulation. While you desire your coop to be well ventilated, you also need to consider the climate in which you are living in. It’s critical to keep your pet chickens warm as well as cool. You may want windows and doors that are functional, and yet provide protection from the environment as required.

Many factors will become active when thinking about which chicken coop building plan is right for you and many decisions will have to be made before starting the project. Other things to consider are shade, odor control, flooding, cleaning, predator control and materials used.

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