Advice on Maintaining Your Garden Furniture

Getting teak garden furniture can really enhance the usability of your garden. It can provide you with an area that allows you to relax and unwind. But if you intend to have this kind of furniture in your garden because of where the wood comes from it is important that you learn how to care for it correctly.

Although it is a hardwood making it very strong, it is still very likely to suffer from what the elements can throw at it. The wood in teak is much denser than some others and contains a resinous oil that can extend the life of the furniture. Yes, this oil can help to prevent the wood not only drying out but makes it far more resistant to moisture as well.

Today you can either purchase teak garden furniture in its raw state or when it has been oiled. Furniture, which is still in its raw state when it arrives, will have a golden color to it. However, as time passes and if the wood is left, untreated it will fade to a silver grey color instead.

Certainly if you are after the silver grey look then once the wood has reached this stage there is very little that you will need to do to make sure that it retains this color. However, if you would prefer your wood to retain the golden color of when it arrived you need to start applying teak oil to its surface.

In order for your teak garden furniture to retain its golden color, then one should be applying teak oil to its surface twice a year. The first that you will need to do is actually clean the wood.

To do this you take some warm water (with a mild detergent mixed into it) and then use a soft damp cloth to wipe off and remove any dust or grit. After you have done this, you now need to leave the wood to dry naturally before you actually apply the oil.

It is important that you only use a specialist teak oil on the furniture and apply this using a lint free cloth. You could use a spray gun that is filled with the oil but using a cloth will ensure that the oil is spread evenly over the surface of the furniture. Now you need to leave it for sometime until it feels tacky.

When the oil has got to this stage, you now need to take another lint free cloth (clean one) and use this for removing any oil that is left on the surface. Then about an hour after this, you need to take another clean cloth that you use to polish up the surface of your teak garden furniture.

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