Should We Pave Before Or After Construction?

Paving the ground is important in any construction project because it not only make the adjacent area of the structure aesthetically pleasing and thus easier on the eyes; it also makes the ground easier to keep.

However, the dilemma of whether to commence paving prior to building; or once its base foundation has already been erected, is something that the building contractors and owners have to thoroughly discuss.


In some locations, the local government may require the builders to pave the ground prior to construction. The reason behind this is to have a road that will be easier to access should anything untoward may occur in the course of construction; like as fire accidents.

This being the case, the road should be developed and paved prior to we can even begin on the construction of the edifice. However, the dilemma here is that damaging the paving may take place when heavy equipments pass on the paved road.

We should therefore look at all options available to protect the paving during heavy construction.

On the other hand, if there are no strict guidelines on paving before construction, then there is no problem here. We can start paving once we have completed at least the heavy construction processes to ensure that the paved road will not incur any damages and will still be intact after we have completed the building construction project.


Prior to paving, we must first check the quality of the soil so we can create the right base for the paving material. Testing for tender areas in the soil is necessary because this will likewise help us to come up with the right mix of base for the various soil qualities within the location.

There are professional pavers that can can work on this and undertake the entire paving process to ensure that the finished paving can withstand pressure from heavy traffic; passing through of heavy vehicles and the like; as well as staving off moisture or minimizing the level as much as possible.

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