Various Types Of Water Softeners Available

All the homeowners who are supplied with hard water are suggested to have a water softener installed in their main source of water supply. In case you are also suffering from the problem of hard water then get a good water softener installed at your home.

Some test kits are available to test the hardness of water. You can get it from any water retailer stores. Spots on glasses, clogged plumbing pipes and dry skin are common effects of using hard water.

There is a simple principle behind how home water softener works. It is basically based on the chemical reaction of the positive and negative charges on molecules. Some are using magnetism in water softeners that works on the positive /negative attraction principle as well.

In a water softener salts like sodium replaces hardness causing salts like calcium and magnesium from the hard water. Potassium is also considered good for this purpose.

Meter-based water softeners have automatic system to renew the salt supply in it when necessary. When this machine is installed, it should know the hardness of the water and the number of users who will be using it. It is one of the cost-effective machines that use salt effectively.

In timer-based water softeners, the salt is replaced after a fixed interval of time during day time or night. Normally, this replacement is done once in a week using a fix amount of salt. In these water softeners, a lot of salt is used so it is not a cost-effective way of softening water.

Manual home water softeners have to be carried out manually and obviously, no meter or timer is involved in executing the renewal of salts supply. Compared to the other systems mentioned, this would require lots of effort and time as it does not follow any automation technology.

Solving hard water problems could cause many other problems. The main reason behind this is that in water softeners we use salts and this salt could be bad for your health if you have some heart complications and other related ailments. To get rid of this problem, you may use potassium at the place of sodium but that would cost you more and would also affect the environment.

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