Rose Gardening

There are many forms of roses for your rose garden, but none has held its popularity longer than the Rose of Sharon. The Rose of Sharon is a deciduous flowering shrub that grows well in USDA zones 5-9. It is not really a rose, but rather a form of hibiscus. This popular variety is great for the person who is new to gardening. Rose of Sharon is easy to grow and very resistant to pests.

Rose of Sharon bushes can grow 8′-10′ tall and can spread as much as four to six feet, making them a great way to add height to your garden. And, this shrub can bring lots of color to your gardening. Rose of Sharon blooms come in white, red, lavender and light blue. The light and soil requirements of this shrub make it fit well your plan for rose gardening. Rose of Sharon prefers lots of sun and well drained soil, just like actual roses. If Rose of Sharon is not provided with the sun it needs, it may suffer from fungus.

Rose of Sharon is great for your landscape plan because it blooms in late summer, when many other flowers are finished for the year. It can also provide a great backdrop for shorter plants. Because Rose of Sharon can be pruned and shaped, it can also be used in your plan for hedge gardening. Rose of Sharon naturally grows on multiple stems, but you can easily prune it into a single tree like form.

If you live in the Southeastern US, where summers are extremely hot, and where drought is often a big problem in gardening, Rose of Sharon is the plant for you. Rose of Sharon can tolerate extreme heat

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