Amazon Parrots – Nature’s Eloquent Chatterboxes – 4 Raven

Amazon-parrots are the best talking parrots that you can get as a pet and the double yellow headed amazon and blue fronted amazon are definitely some of the best and most intelligent of the species. Native to South America, Mexico and the Caribbean, the average life expectancy of amazon parrots is a whopping 40 to 80 years.

Like their name implies, double yellow headed amazons are green with bright yellow heads, although blue and lutino mutations can occur naturally. The feathers on their heads have the ability to rise up to make their heads look double their usual size when they are excited.

They are excellent at mimicking human speech and will learn how to talk very quickly. Their intelligence also makes them particularly good at learning tricks and their love of performance makes them a very entertaining pet 4 Raven to have. Although they need some daily attention, they can entertain themselves for long periods of time if supplied with enough toys. This makes them much less time-consuming than other parrots.

Blue fronted amazons are also incredibly intelligent and quick to pick up human speech patterns. The only downside of amazons is that they do go through a bluffing stage as they mature, in which they can become aggressive. However, they can quickly outgrow this phase through good training and handling and will become very fun and affectionate pets.

Like all amazon parrots, blue fronted amazons are prone to becoming obese if they eat too much and exercise too little. Therefore, it is important to let your parrot out of its cage every so often so that it can stretch its wings and work off some of the food you have been feeding it. You can also manage your amazon parrot’s weight by cutting nuts and fruits out of its diet, or at least keeping them to a minimum.

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