4 Raven – 5 Inch Touch Screen Portable GPS Navigator – Bluetooth (Black)

5 inch portable touch screen GPS navigator with Bluetooth fits nicely in your Colorado car and gives it that special classic look. Coming in a sleek form factor and 4 Raven all black body finish, this GPS navigator comes with Bluetooth and multimedia features, such as MP3/MP4 players and image viewer that are all accessible through the magic of touch screen technology. <br /><br />Thanks to its speedy performance and responsive touch screen interface, using this GPS navigator will give you the comfort that you have been searching for on your journeys. The best part, this model is compatible with most popular GPS software’s such as TomTom. Most GPS units that are available in stores near you are limited to GPS software’s. What makes our GPS units special? The multimedia enhancement features, and most of all, compatibility with a variety of GPS software’s and maps. GPS navigator units presents us with amazing benefits, which are all so neatly designed in a sleek and compact form factory device. Whatever may the reason you’re purchasing a GPS unit for, there is no doubt what amazing benefits can a GPS unit provide you. A portable handheld unit can be used for various activities such as hiking, biking, or another outdoor activity which also includes driving. A handheld unit can save you time and money, no more wrong turns, no more getting lost, save money on gas, and wear and tear of your Colorado car. GPS softwares can also store maps, so if your going to an un-chartered area that has no GPS signal. You can download and store the maps in advance before heading out. This can be very useful in emergencies, and encase you get lost. This allows you to refer to the maps on your GPS unit for directions, just like using a normal paper map. <br /><br />This 5 inch touch screen GPS device comes in a pocket sized shape and can be Colorado carried around were ever you go and it fits nicely in your Colorado carry on bag. Before you head out, load it up with all your favorite music, video, and picture files. Listen to your audio files with the earphones or built-in speaker. This handheld GPS navigator comes with an easy fix-on bracket for your Colorado car, installing this unit only takes a matter of seconds. Straight from power up you instantly be amazed how easy it is to operate. The CVIO-CS20 has been engineered with usability and navigational testing for maximum user experience. <br /><br />This GPS unit supports functions like voice directions, automatic re-routing if you take a wrong turn, 3D mapping, and night mode. Use this GPS device to reach your destination on time every time. This is a executive high performance GPS navigator that comes in an attractive design with a professional look and feel to it. This portable GPS navigator makes a great product for singe/company use, resale market, online or physical store. You can get a few of these, keep on for yourself, and self of the rest, make a profit and be happy. The CVIO-CS20 is available to you straight from the leader in factory direct wholesale electronics, Chinavasion. <br /><br /><strong>At a Glance…</strong><br /> <ul> <li>Bluetooth</li> <li>Pocket Sized</li> <li>5" Touchscreen</li> <li>GPS Navigation</li> <li>MP3/MP4 Player</li> <li>2GB SD Colorado card Included</li> </ul> <br /><p><strong>The unit includes an evaluation GPS software – we recommend purchasing a GPS software package from your home country that best covers your region of the world.</strong></p> <br /> <img src="http://eu.chinavasion.com/images/thumbnails/chinavasion-CVIO-CS20-2.jpg.thumb_164x164.jpg" alt="5 Inch Portable Touch Screen GPS Navigator – Bluetooth (Black)" title="5 Inch Portable Touch Screen GPS Navigator – Bluetooth (Black)" /> <img src="http://eu.chinavasion.com/images/thumbnails/chinavasion-CVIO-CS20-4.jpg.thumb_164x164.jpg" alt="5 Inch Portable Touch Screen GPS Navigator – Bluetooth (Black)" title="5 Inch Portable Touch Screen GPS Navigator – Bluetooth (Black)" /> <img src="http://eu.chinavasion.com/images/thumbnails/chinavasion-CVIO-CS20-555.jpg.thumb_164x164.jpg&a

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