How To Prevent Water Pipes From Freezing ?

Winter vacations could cost you a lot as during winters if the home is not used for a long time then the water supply pipes in the home could get frozen. Hence, before going for holidays, you need to device something to prevent this. Here we will discuss some efficient ways of preventing this.

You can use antifreeze for preventing the freezing of pipes but most of the antifreeze are harmful to the environment and not considered good to be used. Therefore, use of such antifreeze should be avoided to protect your environment. But some non-toxic antifreeze are also available in the market that could be easily used for this purpose and do not have any bad impact on the environment. You should only use such type of antifreeze.

RV antifreeze products are specifically designed to be used in the home. It is non-toxic and odorless. It is also considered to be safe to use with steel, copper, brass and plastics. When used at full strength RV antifreeze is designed to provide freeze protection to -50F. You can easily find RV antifreeze at any home improvement or hardware store.

If you would still prefer not to use antifreeze, then you have a couple of other alternatives to prevent your home’s pipes from freezing.

First, you can choose to drain both the supply and drain pipes. Usually it is a good idea to hook an air compressor up to the supply lines to blow out any residual water. Also, you could seal the drains to prevent any gasses from working their way into the home. This includes plugging the toilet bowls, e.g. with a cloth rag.

Other way is to insulate the pipes by covering them with help of heat tape and draining all the water from the pipes. In this case also seal the drains. However, it the power cuts for a long period of time then this method can prove to be risky.

You can also set a temperature of 50F or 55F in your thermostat. This low temperature will not consume much electricity and will also prevent freezing of water pipes.

So by now, you must have learned the trick of preventing the freezing of water pipes. But all the methods have some good points and bad points associated with them. Draining out all water from supply pipes is the most inexpensive way of preventing water pipe freezing.

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