Guide To The Installation And Maintenance Of Roof Shingles

The installation work of roof shingle is an extremely difficult job that is generally done with the help of an expert. In case you want to complete the task yourself, consider some of the below mentioned instructions before performing the task. These useful tips would not only save your money but also precious time as well.

Kick things off by taking the measurement of the roof. Such information is vital for estimating the amount and quantity of the shingles, roofing felt and nails to be purchased.

Now, calculate the total square feet area of your roof by multiplying the length of the roof with total breadth. Purchase all the roofing materials from any of the home construction or repair shop.

Buy the roofing felt required for the square feet area. Shingles are available in ‘squares’ encompassing about three to four shingles. To calculate the exact number of shingles, you will need to divide the total square feet area by one hundred. The resulting number is the quantity of shingles you have to purchase. This is because you will need three pounds of roofing nails to secure the felt and shingle for each square foot of the total area.

Lay down the roofing felt on the plywood boards of the roof. Do it carefully as this layer of roofing felt is responsible for waterproofing. Lay down the roll of felt starting from the apex and up to the edge of the roof. Slightly overlap the seams of felt and nail them.

Use a caulking gun to apply a layer of cement on the setting of nails. Clear the extra cement with the help of putty knife.

When this cement dries up, you can start installing shingles. First of all, bring all the shingles on to the roof as this is supposed to be the most hectic part of the project. After that, remove the flaps of the shingles using shingle cutter to obtain solid seven inches long shingle. Now, place a series of shingles on the outer periphery of the roof. Stitch the shingles using nails and use as many as four nails for each shingle.

Do not install shingles in an even shaped manner. The edge of one shingle of a row should be in contact with the middle of adjacent shingles of another row.

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