Do Not Let Father Time Rob You of Power

It is happening as you sleep, while you go about your chores each day or while you drive your car. It is happening as you sit on your couch or at your desk. You have been slowly losing muscle tissue since your mid 20s and probably haven’t noticed it. But eventually you will…<P /><P />Little by little activities that you used to do with ease become more difficult, you may become unable to run, work hard in the garden or Do you like to dance and surf? the night away. Eventually climbing a flight of stairs, carrying groceries, getting out of a Power Lifts or lifting a child can become difficult.<P /><P />We used to believe this was merely part of the aging process and that this is what happens and we can do nothing to stop it. But we now know this is not so. It is not because of the passing years that we lose our strength it is because we do not do enough strength building and maintaining activity. The old ‘use it or lose it’ scenario.<P /><P />The typical sedentary adult loses around one half pound of muscle tissue each year and the experts tell us that most of our muscle loss occurs because we stop doing active things that require muscle power, not because we age. By the time you are 60, you may have lost up to half of your muscular strength which can lead to an increased risk of disease as the entire body and all its systems weaken and become more vulnerable. <P /><P />We would all like to turn back, or at least slow down, the clock – to feel young and function youthfully regardless of our actual age. And we can, building and maintaining strong muscles is one of the most effective ways to do this. And the formula for strong muscles couldn’t be simpler: a strength training exercise program firmly cemented into your life.<P /><P />Make no mistake no other type of activity will give you what you need to stay youthful and strong. Recreational type activities such as walking, cycling, tennis, etc, keep the heart and lungs somewhat conditioned, however, these kinds of activities cannot halt, let alone reverse muscle tissue loss. Strength training exercise is the only viable way to address this but just 2-3 sessions each week is all that is needed if done correctly.<P /><P />Tapping into the youth promoting properties of exercise is your lifeline right through the adult years keeping you strong and able to remain fully functional as well as preventing many age related diseases. As little as six months strength training can turn back the body’s cellular clocks and can rejuvenate aging muscles to the extent they are almost as strong and powerful as those found in someone 20-30 years younger.<P /><P />You will need to put a little effort and consistency into your strength training program if you wish for true anti aging benefits and reverse the damage of Father Time. But that is a small price to pay for feeling and looking much younger.<P /><P />If you let the aging process take its course without doing anything to slow it down you risk losing your health and mobility. Once these things are lost, you risk losing your independence – and thus your dignity and all other possessions that you have acquired will be rendered irrelevant. Strength training exercise will make sure this will never happen to you.<P /><P /><P />Is happening during sleep, while you go about your daily activities, or while driving the car. Is happening as we sit on the couch or on the desk. You've been slowly losing muscle tissue from his '20s and probably Haven 't account. But in the end … /> <P <p /> Gradually the activities they used to easily make it increasingly difficult, may be able to run, hard work, gardening or dancing all night. Finally, climbing stairs, carrying food, rising from a Power Lifts or lifting a baby can be difficult. <p /> <p /> We used to think this was only part of the aging process, and this is what happens and we can not do anything to stop it. Now know that this is not true. It's because over the years that we lose our strength, it is because we do not have strong enough for construction and maintenance activities. The old man 'use it or lose it ' scenario. <p /> <p /> The typical sedentary adult loses about a quarter of a pound of muscle each year and experts tell us that most of our loss of muscle mass is because we can not do things that require active muscle power, not by age. There are curre

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