How to Grow, Harvest And Care Herbs Arimony

plant plant Arimony is required for its medicinal value all dating from the ancient Greeks. Argimone translated: a plant with healing powers for eyes. Flowers, leaves and stems are the most popular for medicinal purposes. addition to the powers of healing for the eyes, the garden plant as a remedy for respiratory problems, joint pain, urinary tract disorders, skin diseases and even as a coagulation aid. dye is made from the roots of medicinal herbs. Arimony herb popularity and use has declined over the years. Treatment of Athlete's foot is an area where the plant is still used medicine. This perennial herb up to 6 1 / 2 feet high, with yellow flowers that grow along spikes. Foliage plants have little hairs known as burrs that stick to your fingers to touch. The plant has a strong sweet smell is described as antiseptic, this fragrance is enhanced if the plant is bruised or broken. Arimony Planting plants Arimony garden plant can adapt to different soil, but best of alkaline-rich earthflower. plant can grow in partial shade but best in full sun If a plant grows more than keep them separated by at least four inches. The plant is generally considered to be resistant to pests and diseases. Would you multiply plants in your garden? Try these two modes of materials. first way is by using the seeds. But you can not simply drop them into the ground to expect positive results. Seeds should be placed in a moist substrate and in the refrigerator for about six weeks. Once the new plants sprouted, then replanting in a depth of ½ an inch in their home garden in November. Root division is the second option for adding new plants for your garden. Spring is the best time for this method. Why? Because the root system time to consolidate before winter rolls around, where a decrease in temperature may damage

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