Garden Watering

Planting the trees and other flowering plants in their respective places is not the last word in gardening. To maintain a healthy garden, it is essential to water the plants, apply fertilizers and prune them from time to time. The soil also needs care and attention as much as the plants because it is the soil and the nutrients from it that nourishes the plants to ensure a long blooming period.

Knowledge of the plants, their requirements, the right amount of water to be used, when to water the plants and the ways of garden watering are some of the things that you need to consider to become an ace gardener.

Things to consider before watering the garden

  • Know when to water the garden: Watering ensures a long life for the plants, but overuse of it may cause harm to them. For this reason, it is better to water your garden early in the morning or late in the evening. It is improper to water the plants during daytime as there are chances of high water evaporation due to scorching heat.
  • Plants: Consider the types of plants that you have in your garden. This will help you to determine the water requirement of the plants. Recently planted saplings will require less water compared to a tree in its developing phase. The small saplings can be sprayed gently at an interval of two days. On the other hand, bigger trees might require frequent watering.
  • Soil: The soil in your garden also determines the amount of water to be provided to the plants. While sandy soils hold less water due to their porous nature, clay soils retain more water, hence requiring less frequent watering.

Tips to Make Garden Watering Simpler

  • Group the saplings according to their type and plant them separately. This will save you time and watering the plants will also be easier.
  • Raise the flower beds and containers so that you don’t have to bend down too much to water the plants every time.
  • Use various kinds of garden watering tools like hoses, reels, handguns, spray guns and watering kits.
  • Get sprinklers, water timers and drip irrigation systems installed in your garden. These modern garden irrigation equipments are perfect for every small or big garden. They are easy to install and handle and help you in your garden watering activity. Moreover, they are useful in conserving water and retaining soil fertility by keeping the top layer soil intact. Different varieties of these equipments are available and a good selection makes watering the plants a simple task.

Garden Systems – Types

Many companies in the UK deal in a variety of garden irrigation equipments. Each one is designed according to the watering needs of different types of plants. The various types available are:

  • Connectors
  • Water Timers
  • Watering kits for lawns, borders, hanging baskets and indoor plants
  • Drippers
  • Micro Irrigation kits
  • Pop Ups
  • Sprinklers and Sprayers
  • Hoses, reels and handguns

How to choose a watering equipment?
You can choose watering equipments depending upon the size of your garden. For example,

  • Drip irrigation equipment, pop ups and oscillating sprinklers are good for flowerbeds, tall trees and for watering the borders.
  • Micro sprinklers are good for watering the hedges.
  • Pop ups are suitable for watering the lawns.
  • Micro sprays are appropriate for watering shrubs and bushy plants.
  • Water Timers are the best choice for automated irrigation. They are widely required during the flowering and growing phase of plants.
  • Soaker hoses are suitable for providing water to the plants directly and are considered good for vegetables like cauliflowers, lettuce, celery, beans, peas, etc.

These do-it-yourself (DIY) irrigation equipments are very useful if you want to take care of your garden yourself. At times, however, professional support is needed to get the appliances installed. The solution is provided by some of the reputed garden irrigation companies in UK like Amazon Irrigation.

Some additional services that they can provide

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